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Vertical Jump Training Book: Vertical Foundations

Are you ready for the new era in vertical jump training?

Vertical Jump Training Book

Are you an athlete who has been disappointed with vertical jump training programs that promise big gains, but deliver little?
Are you a coach who is frustrated with the lack of in-depth books on developing vertical jump skill and power that aren’t simple, novice level resources?

Vertical Foundations is the first book to truly dig deep into the science and practice of vertical jumping, and give you the tools for the success you deserve.

Vertical Foundations delivers explanations of expert vertical jump technique, and strength training implications for each step and skill from approach, to penultimate step, to plant, to takeoff. It covers technical points and concepts, ignored by many others, that can help athletes to get those valuable vertical inches they deserve in their training!

The world of track and field has given us plenty of information on the technical development and training of single leg jumpers, but not within the aspect of team sport, and there is a serious lack of in depth information on the biomechanics and training of the running double leg jump.  A gap exists in our knowledge base, and many athletes and coaches spend un-necessary time and money trying to find that knowledge.

Vertical Foundations is here to bridge that gap.

Inside the Book

Learn every relevant piece of technical vertical information that exists through the following book chapters:

Chapter 1: Success factors of the explosive vertical athlete

Chapter 2: The nervous system, skill acquisition, and motor learning

Chapter 3: Muscle phases, actions, and roles in jumping

Chapter 4: Principles of applying instruction in jump technique

Chapter 5: Biomechanical and sequential considerations of jumping

Chapter 6: Individual training differences: speed vs. force dominant athletes

Chapter 7: Standing vertical jump biomechanics

Chapter 8: Running jump principles and biomechanics

Chapter 9: Running double leg jumping technique and training concepts

Chapter 10: Running single leg jumping technique and training concepts

Chapter 11: Measuring vertical jump skill in the laboratory

Chapter 12: Sample training programs for vertical jump athletes

Over 120 pages and 40,000+ words of valuable information!

Whether you are a strength coach, track coach, basketball coach, volleyball coach, personal trainer, dedicated athlete, or just interested in what makes athletes jump higher, this book is for you. I can assure you with 100% confidence that much of the information within is unique; the first of its kind, and the first time any work like this has been released to the public.

Clearly, with the clutter of vertical jump training products out there, and their claims, you’ll want to check out some testimonials from those who have used this product.  Here are just a few:


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“Vertical Foundations is an amazing book! From start to finish, Joel Smith covers every aspect of jumping.  He gives you the secrets of jump training from the science to technique.  Coach Smith is the next “Dr. Jump” and this book is a must for any fitness professional that wants to take their athletes to the next level! Hands down, the best book I’ve read on jump training.  I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned from this book and apply to the jump training we do with my men’s basketball team.”

Scott Thom, Washington State University Men’s Basketball, Head Strength Coach

“Hey Joel, just finished reading the Vertical Foundations ebook. Just wanted to let you know that I love it, in all aspects.  Your observations regarding the types of jumpers with all the bits and details just blew me away!  You answered all the questions I could hope for, and helped me to know myself better.  REALLY HONESTLY, THANK YOU!”

Jost Novak

“Vertical Foundations is my go to book, always tucked next to my high jump shoes and out on the track with me!  I have been a jumper for many years and I feel that I have finally found a guide that explores and explains how to succeed as a jumper, based on science, proven methods and life experience.  As an athlete, we know the basics – run fast, jump high, work hard – but achieving success is another story.  Vertical Foundations clarifies WHY running fast leads to a higher jump, the biomechanics, the drills, the mental training and techniques to defy gravity.  I knew that I shouldn’t overtax my central nervous system, but until I read this book did I understand which drills positively affected my CNS and which caused me to be a low jumper instead of a high jumper.

Vertical Foundations is mandatory reading for all jumpers and track coaches!  Everything you need to know is in this amazing book – it is extremely well written, thoughtful and scientifically AWESOME!

On a personal note, I have been high jumping since I was nine years old.  I reached out to Joel last year and he shared some knowledge that is in his book with me.  I modified my workouts based on his recommendations, added some drills that Joel designed (which are also in his book) and managed to not only get a lifetime PR, but place second at the USATF Club National meet as a 41 year old.  I can’t wait for track season to start this year, Vertical Foundations will be the basis of my training, my troubleshooting guide and at every practice and every meet!

I am eternally grateful to Joel for writing this book.  I know that it will help me personally and will revolutionize jumping for thousands of athletes!!!!!”

Alison Wood, USATF national level high jumper (2nd place in 2014)

“I’ve scoured the internet for vertical jump training advice and this is the best resource on jump technique I’ve found. A vertical jump happens so fast and Joel breaks down all the factors that contribute to a powerful vertical jump in that magical fraction of a second. An awesome tool for anyone battling gravity!”

Noah Plener

“Vertical Foundations has helped me to thoroughly understand jumping off one and two legs.  I increased my running vertical jumps in both styles by several inches in 2 weeks using my new knowledge of jump mechanics.”

Keith Gladden

“I read vertical foundations twice and i can really recommend it for all people who want to jump higher! Joel describes all the facets of vertical jumping and shows scientific knowledge quite transparent! From my point of view vertical Foundations puts all things you should know about jump training, in a smart book, together! In addition there are two programs added for improving single and double leg jumping.”

Peter Agyl

“As a trainee and avid basketball player, I’m always looking for ways to improve my movement efficiency on the court. In a matter of two months, the cues provided in Vertical Foundations have changed the way I jump, without the need for one-on-one coaching. Chapters are easy to follow, loaded with valuable training guidelines, and concise enough to read in a matter of hours.

If you’re interested in not only understanding the functional anatomy of the vertical jump, but also incorporating it into your own leap, look no further than Vertical Foundations. Joel’s no-frills, empirically validated approach to jump training is something I’ve been waiting to see for many years. I’m extremely excited to see what Joel does next.”

Tyler Myers

“I’ve been training my vertical for 10 years and have bought multiple books and programs. I feel that I have a very solid grasp on how to increase jumping ability, as I’ve put 16″ on my running jump and 12” on my standing jump (and I’m no freak athlete). That said, I learned more from “Vertical Foundations” than I had from any previous book or program, and I plan to constantly use it as a reference in all my future training.”

Jordan Rosedahl

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In closing, I hope you make the decision today to purchase Vertical Foundations, and arm yourself with the most comprehensive resource on vertical jumping knowledge available on the market today.


Joel Smith






Joel Smith, MS, CSCS

NCAA DI Strength Coach, Club Track Coach, and Owner of Just Fly Sports.com

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