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  1. Hello My name is james adesida, and I am the owner and ceo of basketballgods.net. basketballgods.net is a basketball sports entertainment website that combines elite basketball scouting with innovative basketball analytics. Basketballgods.net also provides teaching material that focuses on athletic training, strength and conditioning training, basketball skill development training, and basketball coaching training

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  2. Hey man I stumbled upon this great website which has lots of valuable info..I have a few questions
    regarding my training.

    I'm 16, 6"2 with a 6"7 wingspan and I weigh 150 lbs (slim). I've been strength training for the past 4 months and got My Squat from 150 lbs to 220 lbs and my Deadlift from 175 lbs to 275 lbs..yet my athleticism and vertical leap is still the same. Before I did strength training I was already snapping the rim and getting rim blocked every time I attempt a dunk. The program I did as well was Jump Bible Kelly Baggett 3×5 for Vertical leap gains ( two plyometrics before the strength workout which was Depth Jumps and Tuck Jumps and Barbell Squat Jumps) …so what's the problem here?? The last time I stepped in the gym was 3 weeks ago so I'm resting and waiting for results I guess.
    Btw the reason I've been strength training was because apparently it was my weakness and it was the reason why I wasn't dunking a Basketball,

    And btw I feel these random fast twitches when I'm relaxed?? What could it mean taxed nervous system??

    Thanks man.

  3. Izaiah,

    Fortunately, the world of sport training is slowly starting to realize that increased weightroom strength doesn’t automatically mean improved speed and power. I’ve discovered this myself over a number of years. I will say that an intelligent program that combines the skills of lifting and jumping properly, can allow you to express the learned strength through lifting.

    Since you aren’t responding through lifting, you’ll need to direct your efforts to complex training, such as French Contrast work, or potentiation clusters. I’d also take a look at your force velocity profile… are you faster than you are strong, or the other way around? It sounds like you are faster than strong, but realize that sometimes lanky body types, ectomorphs, can be “overstimulated” but traditional strength training schemes, and go beyond the minimal effective dose easily! I’d try scaling down the lifting, and getting on a solid speed training/plyometric program. Since plyos are your strength, more likely than not with your build, the plyos will help what little lifting you do… and it shouldn’t be much.

    Hope this helps,

    Kind regards,


  4. Joel, thank you for creating such an amazing resource (this site) to share training knowledge and ideas. The podcast episodes are superb, with excellent questions directed towards a host of distinguished and fabulous guests! I definitely use the information shared on your site on a regular basis in my own groups that I train. The podcast series is a 10 out of 10 and I look forward to the new episodes eagerly.Thank you also for your quick response to my email and sharing with me in detail the answers to the questions I had. Keep up the most excellent work and if you are ever up in Winnipeg, Canada, let me know so we can connect!

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