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As most coaches and athletes know, everyone is different and will have a training program that will fit them the best. If you want that edge over your competition that a mail order jump or sprint program can’t provide, train with Joel Smith via email, skype, phone, or in person and watch your performance reach new heights! To take the first step toward being a more powerful athlete, just fill out the online training application below. If you would like more information, feel free to Contact Us.

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I’m in forefront of dunkers in Poland. In January 2014 i started training with Joel Smith. In just 4 weeks Joel not only get me back in shape, but also workouts programmed by him gave me gains on my vertical. I’ve never jumped so high in my life and now i’m really close to some dunks (for ex. 360 btl, etc.) that i have never dreamed of even missing in the past. In addition to that Joel is extremely knowlegable and kind guy. He responds quickly and answers every question. I’m truly recommend his online training service. From my perspective you can only benefit from working with elite coach like Joel.
 I started training with Joel primarily on vertical jump development approximately a year ago.    Prior to training with Joel I was able to increase my vertical about 4 inches on my own from piecing together information from books and the Internet.   I plateaued and had always loved Joel’s website/videos so I applied for his online training.   I could dunk inconsistently before training with Joel, and only one handed.   After training with Joel I was able to pack on another solid 5 inches to my vertical and dunked two handed for the first time ever.   Joel customizes the training to your level, age and abilities and looks to maximize your potential.   The results from training with Joel are not only great, but the process is just as good.  Joel provides easy to understand workouts, broken down into a few week blocks at a time and always has them to me before I start training on a given week.   Additionally Joel is always available to answer any questions I have via e-mail about my training and fatigue management, etc.    Joel has a wealth of knowledge in the strength and athletic development arena.    I’m in better shape at 33 than I was at 23, I’m quicker, leaner and can certainly jump higher.   Thanks Joel!
Working with Joel was awesome. It was clear he knew what type of training I needed to jump higher. The individualized attention I received as well as having him as a resource to email, and skype with really helped me develop my jumping skills and short distance sprinting ability. He made me send him various videos, and critiqued my form as well as evaluated my weight room numbers. I started the program at a 28″ vertical, and ended with a 31.5″. This all happened over 12 weeks. I tested and confirmed my results with a vertec machine. Joal breaks down the mysteriousness of hops with a streamlined program designed to improve overall explosiveness. I can’t wait till I try out Joel’s training again and see if I can get up to 36″!! 
I’ve always wanted to jump higher, and done many programs in the past to help me achieve that end. I had seen and read Joel’s articles before while researching various training techniques and styles. I was impressed by the breadth of knowledge and experience he displayed in his articles, so I took the plunge and purchased 12 weeks of online training in the summer of 2015. I wasn’t disappointed. 
In the first 4 weeks, I went from being able to grab the rim two-handed solidly, to getting my first two-handed dunks. By week 7 I was dunking on nearly every attempt and throwing the ball through the hoop with some velocity, not merely guiding it in. Unfortunately, I rolled my ankle badly in week 8 and had to take 6 weeks off of training. However, Joel was very kind in writing me an additional ramp-up program free of charge to get me back up to speed, and also provided me with advice about how to continue to make gains when my training package had expired.

Throughout the process, Joel was attentive to my emails, answering all of my (admittedly inane) questions, and knew how to accommodate my training goals. I would 100% recommend Joel’s services to anyone who wants to jump higher.

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