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10 Essentials for Training Power Athletes covers 10 simple, but vital rules to athletic performance development.  If you are interested in running faster, jumping higher, throwing farther, and improving your overall game, I highly recommend this free ebook.  Working against the principles covered in this manual will tend to cause a lack of results for most athletes; knowing them is the key to continual progress in athleticism.  Learn these 10 principles, take control of your training results and don’t look back.  I guarantee you will love the information you find in this report!

Free eBook 2: Mechanics and Development of Single Leg Vertical Jumping is the first work of it’s kind.  In this report, you will learn the key motor patterns and muscles involved in the single leg jump, as well as the instruction to carry out the one leg jump properly.  Of course, just instruction can only get an athlete so far, so also included are drills, plyometrics and strength training designed to give you maximal lift off one leg.  Whether you want to fly on the fast break or take your track and field jumping to the next level, this book is a must read!

Two Free eBooks


More than just free ebooks

Get both of these free ebooks today and start on your path to becoming a more knowledgeable athlete or coach. In addition to your free ebooks, you will also start to receive the periodic Just Fly Sports newsletter filled with more cutting edge insight to sports performance, great info, and occasional deals.

Interested in more in-depth training books?

Get the field leading books, Vertical Foundations (jump technique) and Vertical Ignition (performance vertical jump training) in this combination package.  Recommended price is $60, but you can have both ebooks for $40 in this legendary sale.

Unleash your athletic potential with our FREE training guides which include over 35 PAGES of knowledge! Also receive free weekly updates on cutting edge training methodology!

- Learn how to REALLY jump off one leg

- Find the best lifts for sprinting vs. jumping

- How to peak when it counts, and more!

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  1. Hi Joel,

    I am just getting started to sell my ebook. I talk about how we helped our athletes perform their best, pro longed their careers and eliminated injuries like ACL’s, back and hips from occurring. I would love to have you help me send it out to your list and we can come up with percentage split or something. My thought process is to get as many of our professional athletes on board to send it out to their social media following as well as build affiliate relationships. I would be more than happy to return the favor as well. Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you,

    Donny Mateaki

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