JFS Training GroupWhat is Legendary Athleticism?

Legendary Athleticism is an online training group that delivers daily speed and power workouts to your phone, tablet or computer.   The training program includes:
  • New training cycles every 10-14 weeks
  • Motivating leaderboards
  • Live training and Q&A feeds
  • A utilization of a spectrum of training methods
  • Stats, Benchmarks, and More!

Check out a sample week of programming, and sign on board for $15 per month!

Sign up for the annual plan and get the discounted rate of only $150 per year.

Who is Legendary Athleticism Best For?

Dunking like a freakIf you are interested in any of the following, then this program is right for you:

  • Sprinting faster

  • Jumping higher

  • Better change of direction ability

  • Getting stronger and more explosive

  • Gaining more functional range mobility (not the ability to sit in a worthless static stretch for a minute)

  • Being a better basketball, football, volleyball, rugby, soccer, track, or slam-dunk athlete (or any other sport that puts a premium on explosive power).

If you desire these qualities, then the Legendary Athleticism program is for you.   In a nutshell, this training program is optimal for any sport that relies on short, repeat bursts of power. 

Legendary Athleticism Training Program

The Legendary Athleticism Difference

Legendary Strengh


Build levels of both barbell and athletically applicable strength, known to the circle of science as “motor potential”

Legendary Power


Utilize a variety of strength and plyometric exercises to create unmatched athletic power

Legendary Motor Leaning

Optimized Motor Learning

Experience programs designed to maximize the technical performance of sprinting and jumping through advanced motor learning ideals

Legendary Connection and Function

Connection and Function

Support your performance training with general strength circuits designed to spare joints, preserve relevant muscle fibers, and improve the connection and function of the human body

Legendary Planning

Superior Planning

Train with confidence, knowing that the weekly and monthly training formats have been tried and tested with hundreds of athletes in real-life settings

Legendary Daily and Phase Potentiation

Daily and Phase Potentiation

Know that the training in Legendary Athleticism builds on itself by using contrast, max effort, shock training, neural charge circuits, and more to improve the day to day, and month to month state of the athlete.

What People are Saying About Joel Smith’s Online Programming

Review Rating


“Legendary Athleticism has helped me get back to being the athlete I was when I was a Division II Basketball and Track athlete training 12 months of the year.  My gains: Vertical +3 inches. 40 yd dash -.25 sec.

My squat max has probably gone up about 20 pounds to around 335. I have almost doubled the amount of pullups I can do.  I say this because a lot of people might be worried that if they don’t lift heavy they’ll lose strength, but it’s not the case with his program. I know for a fact that several other users have had similar strength gains as well.  I highly recommend this program to anyone in an explosive sport”

-Jonathan Nebelsick

Review Rating


“Using Legendary Athleticism, my power clean went up 18 lbs from a year ago (275 lbs) and my deadlift went up 20 lbs! (425 lbs!) I haven’t deadlifted since May too! I feel super fast and durable too! Stay tuned Joel!”

-DJ Meagher

Review Rating


“I found the Legendary Athleticism training group to be beneficial as it’s essentially all (Joel’s) knowledge and principles in the form of an applicable training plan. On the forum, he is very responsive to questions as well. It’s clear that he is invested in the results and is continually improving the system through monitoring and feedback. Because of this I’d highly recommend this program as a truly professional and cutting edge training opportunity.

All time PR on 3 step vertical jump, going up 2 inches to 41”

-Andrew Bouis

Review Rating


“I learned how to train as an elite athlete, how to get the most out of my workouts, the importance of recovery for my CNS and the cause and effect of an incredibly brilliant, well thought out and meaningful training program.”


Review Rating


“I would say at least 5 inches on my vertical, and have been hitting PRs the last 3 weeks.”


Review Rating


“After training with Joel I was able to pack on another solid 5 inches to my vertical and dunked two handed for the first time ever.”


Review Rating


“In the first 4 weeks, I went from being able to grab the rim two-handed solidly, to getting my first two-handed dunks. By week 7 I was dunking on nearly every attempt and throwing the ball through the hoop with some velocity, not merely guiding it in.”


Review Rating


“In just 4 weeks Joel not only get me back in shape, but also workouts programmed by him gave me gains on my vertical. I’ve never jumped so high in my life and now I’m really close to some dunks (for ex. 360 btl, etc.) that I have never dreamed of even missing in the past.”


Access your training anytime + anywhere. Dial-in your training + inspect your gains with our performance charts. All for $15 per month.

The Cost

There are athletes out there who would easily pay $30-$50 per month or more for this type of training and perks, but the Legendary Athleticism system is designed to be affordable for all athletes.

We don’t want cost to be a factor in holding any athlete back from their potential.

Therefore, the Legendary Athleticism system is priced at only $15/month.

At $15 to gain access to my training methods, you might think I’m crazy, but I strongly believe that the best coaches don’t keep any method too close to their chest, and I truly want to make the world of sports performance a better place for more athletes and coaches.

Joel Smith, MS, CSCS (The Coach Behind the Program)

Coach Joel SmithJoel Smith, MS, CSCS is a NCAA Division I Strength Coach working in the PAC12 conference.  He has been a track and field jumper and javelin thrower, track coach, strength coach, personal trainer, researcher, writer and lecturer in his 10 years in the professional field.

In his professional work in the San Francisco Bay Area, Joel works with a variety of athletes, including NCAA champions and Olympic gold medalists, but also youth track and field performers.  Joel has been training online clientele for the last 4 years in addition to his collegiate athletes, and has dozens of success stories for those athletes seeking improved speed, power and athletic ability.  In addition to this, Joel is a successful club track and field coach in the Oakland area.

His degrees in exercise science have been earned from Cedarville University in 2006 (BA) and Wisconsin LaCrosse (MS) in 2008.  Prior to California, Joel was a track coach, strength coach and lecturer at Wilmington College of Ohio.  During Joel’s coaching tenure at Wilmington, he guided 8 athletes to NCAA All-American performances including a national champion in the women’s 55m dash.  Joel carries personal best performances of a 7’ high jump, 46 foot triple jump, 200 foot javelin throw, a 35” standing vertical jump, and 10’3” broad jump.  Joel strongly believes in lifelong learning, and continually delivering the best modern training methods available to his clientele.  He is an avid practitioner of Be Activated, and is MAT Jumpstartcertified practitioner.

Online Training Team

Visit our page to check out a sample week of programming, and sign on board for only $15 per month.  Take the first step to becoming an athletic legend today.