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Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode #47: Joel Smith Q&A 2

For this week’s podcast, I’ll be hosting the show, and answering questions on a variety of topics.  It’s always enjoyable to see what viewers and listeners are interested in.  Points covered range from topics on matters of strength and vertical jump, bounding and vertical jump transfer, training philosophies of various gurus, the biggest gap in the educational process of our sports performance professionals, and much more.

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Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode #47: Joel Smith Q&A 2


Key Points:

  • Marv Marinovich’s training methods
  • Matters of how high one can jump with a given level of strength
  • Relationships between bounding and single leg jumping
  • Nordic hamstring curls and jumping
  • Functional patterns training for basketball (or any sport)
  • Practical vision methods for team sport athletes
  • Training velocity deficient athletes
  • What aspect of the education system for sport performance coaches would I change?
  • What resource do I wish existed for the athletic and performance coaching community?
  • What book would I give to my younger self?

About Joel Smith

Joel Smith 2017Joel Smith, MS, CSCS is a NCAA Division I Strength Coach working in the PAC12 conference.  He has been a track and field jumper and javelin thrower, track coach, strength coach, personal trainer, researcher, writer and lecturer in his 8 years in the professional field.  His degrees in exercise science have been earned from Cedarville University in 2006 (BA) and Wisconsin LaCrosse (MS) in 2008.  Prior to California, Joel was a track coach, strength coach and lecturer at Wilmington College of Ohio.  During Joel’s coaching tenure at Wilmington, he guided 8 athletes to NCAA All-American performances including a national champion in the women’s 55m dash.  In 2011, Joel started Just Fly Sports with Jake Clark in an effort to bring relevant training information to the everyday coach and athlete.  Aside from the NSCA, Joel is certified through USA Track and Field and his hope is to bridge the gap between understandable theory and current coaching practices.

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