The Ultimate Blueprint for Vertical Jump, Speed, and Explosive Performance Training

Would you like to experience results like the following?

“After not seeing any progress for I don’t know how long thanks to faulty programming and lack of recovery, I have put on I would say at least 5 inches on my vertical, and have been hitting PRs the last 3 weeks.”

“I learned how to train as an elite athlete, how to get the most out of my workouts, the importance of recovery for my CNS and the cause and effect of an incredibly brilliant, well thought out and meaningful training program.

 I will end this season being ranked number 1 in the world for both indoor and outdoor high jump seasons in my age group.“

“I have increased my vertical from 40″ to 47″ and I am finally pain free!”

Vertical Ignition- vertical jump program

The heart of effective speed, power, and jump training revolves around one thing: The proper management of the most important parts of training. 

Athletes can see short-term explosive gains by performing training means such as repetitive plyometrics, strength training, mobility work, or resisted jumping and sprinting, but there is a significant problem with any of these methods:

They don’t work forever.  

They are, in fact, only tools to achieving one’s highest performance.   A little known fact in athletic performance is that you can actually get stronger in a barbell lift, or improve your ability in a plyometric exercise, and yet still not get faster or jump higher.

How, might you ask, do you reach your highest performance in sport activities such as vertical jump, or sprint speed?  The answer is simple:break down training into essential components (actually sprinting and jumping, and their close relatives) of what you are trying to improve, and manage those components better than anyone else.

Have you been waiting for a training system that meets the following criteria?

  • Effectively manages maximal sprinting and jumping efforts
  • Proven to dramatically improve speed, power and vertical jump, even in highly trained athletes
  • Developed by a successful, professional coach
  • Based on principles of top coaches in track and field, powerlifting, and human performance
  • Simple enough for athletes and coaches alike to properly manage and individualize training over a long period of time

Vertical Ignition is not just a “12 week training program”.  It isn’t a system that is going to try and sell you on what it has accomplished with beginner or undertrained athletes.

Vertical Ignition is a training program that is designed to be a launch-vehicle to take an athlete to his or her highest vertical jump and explosive athletic potential.  If you are interested in seeing what the Vertical Ignition training system can do for you, just check out some of the stories that some of our users have achieved.

“When I started your program I thought that my ‘numbers’ in big lifts would go down, or at least stagnate, but hopefully my vert and performance would go up. What I found was not only did my performance improve, but my (lift) numbers went up as well. I have used some normative data on volleyball players and track athletes to set goals for different key performance indicators (back squat, power clean, depth jump, standing vert, etc.) for myself, and I have hit almost all of these metrics using Vertical Ignition. My vert went up about 3 inches (34 to 37), my back full squat went from 300 1RM to 330, my power clean 210lbs 1RM to 225, etc. etc. All without any real heavy lifting!”

Alex Bell-Moratto (Professional Volleyball Athlete)

“I started training for my track season in late December with Joel Smith’s Vertical Ignition program.  My competitions began in February and I opened the season jumping higher than I ever opened with before.  My season continued to be full of incrementing success, with a lifetime PR in May.  I also enjoyed my first ever injury free season, while competing in more meets in one season than I ever have in the past (32 years…).

Joel’s guidance through his program was an incredible experience.  Not only did my athleticism improve, but my knowledge of how to train was vastly changed.  I learned how to train as an elite athlete, how to get the most out of my workouts, the importance of recovery for my CNS and the cause and effect of an incredibly brilliant, well thought out and meaningful training program.  Every single activity was purposeful and effective.

I will end this season being ranked number 1 in the world for both indoor and outdoor high jump seasons in my age group.  I am hungry to continue competing and can’t wait for the season to start again.”

Alison Wood (Elite Master’s High Jumper)

“After not seeing any progress for I don’t know how long thanks to faulty programming and lack of recovery, I have put on I would say at least 5 inches on my vertical, and have been hitting PRs the last 3 weeks. The rotation-based methodology has been a godsend, as it makes training so much more fun from what I was doing before in addition to its obvious effectiveness.

Not only have I seen my vertical jump increase, but my strength has gone up an extraordinary amount as well, as you predicted.  The other day I wanted to see what my back squat looked like after not having back squatted in over a year, and doing a bilateral squat for about 3 just for the heck of it. I was expecting to maybe get within 85% of my previous max because my body was unfamiliar with the motor pattern. However I was completely surprised when I matched my previous PR…for a 3 second pause…with more in the tank.

You’re a genius. I honestly can’t thank you enough.”

Max Devin

“When I started Vertical Ignition, I was very excited.  It was very well balanced and well thought out I was very impressed by the results after 3 weeks of training on the Vertical Ignition System, I did my first dunk!  Take my word for it, this his programming works! I have tried many other programs but I did not get the results that all of the programs said that I would achieve. I am a very hard worker, very diligent and very consistent and with all of those attributes that I have, Joel was able to help me achieve great results with his master-mind programming.”

Keegan Harper

“I have spent years and years struggling to improve my vertical jump and maintaining healthy joints. After trying many different jump programs I was fortunate enough to meet Joel. Under his mentorship and training ideas found in Vertical Ignition, I have increased my vertical from 40″ to 47″ and I am finally pain free!”

Nico Christie (Elite Dunk Athlete)

If you are interested in becoming the best athlete you can be, then don’t wait, and download the Vertical Ignition training system today!  If you are looking to become a better coach, and want new insight into explosive jump and sprint training on it’s highest level, then add this weapon to your arsenal right now.

It is my goal that Vertical Ignition is not driven by hype or overpriced marketing tactics, but rather results.  It is my goal to make the program affordable for a wide range of athletes from all backgrounds.  Because of this, it is priced at $25+, which means this:

The base price is $25USD, while my recommended price is $67.  Basically, you can pay $25 for the program, but ultimately, we want you to pay what you feel the program is worth to you.  Remember, there are plenty of training programs out there that cost $50 to $100 or more that offer far less than the Vertical Ignition system.

Vertical Ignition- vertical jump program

Get It Risk Free!



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Of course, if you aren’t 100% satisfied, there is a money back guarantee.  I am sure you’ll absolutely love this product, but if not, I am more than happy to get you a refund!

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  1. I’m sure I can jump higher than Christian Patterson

  2. Can’t wait to utilize the VI techniques with my 16 year old son and rest assured, I will share his results !!!!!

  3. I’ll be picking this up for sure!

  4. Will it be e-book only or will it be printed as well like vertical foundations?.
    Curious to check it out.


  5. Is this intended to replace Vertical Foundations or supplement it?

    I had intended on purchasing Foundations but am now curious as whether I should buy one or the other or both?


    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the comment! The books are actually each unique. The Foundations book is devoted to technical proficiency in various types of jumping styles, as well as individual differences in jumping athletes and training implications for different types of jump styles. The Ignition book is purely a training system, so it is a way of incorporating exercises together into a 10-20 week (training length is variable)repeatable training process.


      • So what you are saying is that I should buy both – great idea!

        Is there a bundle/package or just buy the two individually?

        Thanks for the reply!

        Can’t wait to get my hands on these!

        • Hey Chris,

          Thanks! I was going to do a bundle, but am not sure of how to proceed yet due to the pricing index I have for Vertical Ignition. I may come up with something in the future, as I would really like to sell the two books together, as they are a great compliment for each other.


          • Sorry Joel

            Could not wait for the future bundle – just bought them both! Haha

            Is there an order you recommend reading the books in?

            Can’t wait to report back some results with the athletes I work with!

            Thanks for not only replying but everything else you do with the blog and for the industry


  6. i just ordered it and hope it is what i need 🙂

  7. Joel that would be lovely as I intend to get both as well. Am actually very excited.

    Kerry Lee

  8. Hi joel! Does this have a program to follow Or it will help us create our own? Thanks!

    • Hi Joaquin,

      The book has a few set programs, but one main one, and then there are multiple ways you can take the program. It also gives you ideas how to recycle and transition the program yearly, or with seasonal sport play.

      Hope that helps, thanks for your interest!


      • Hi Joel! I also have your vertical foundation book but still don’t have time to finish reading it. I see that the vertical foundation book have few sample programs, what’s the difference with ignition in terms of the program? Does it have pictures on how to do the exercises prescribed?Anyway, I hope the ignition will help me gain 5 inches to finally dunk. Thank you for your reply! 🙂

        • HI Joaquin,

          Vertical Ignition has pictures for all the exercises in the book, and is a much more thorough program, lasting between 12-20 weeks each time through. It also has a few different training setups for those who desire a particular level of structure, and simplified versions for those who enjoy more intuitive training. There are also means to combine structured and intuitive training. It has something for everyone, and is a true total programming philosophy.

          Kind regards,


  9. Hello, are weights required with this program just curious because i wouldn’t have access for at least 3 months
    Thanks from Tim!

    • Hi Adam!

      Weights are not required for the program. They can be used in the program if you have access to them, but the strength portion of the programming is only around 20% of the total program, and there are plenty of bodyweight substitutes you can perform instead. You can achieve great results either way!

      Kind regards,


  10. Hi Joel,
    Just finished my first read through and wanted to let you know I’m extremely impressed,
    Thanks for the book and ur website,

  11. Hi Jake,

    Thanks for the feedback, I truly appreciate it. You’re welcome, and best of luck to you with your training and learning!

    Kind regards,


  12. Hey Joel ,

    What should i do after i completed the 3 weeks 4 days a week program in the Vertical Foundations book? Should i do it all over again? If so how many months should i be doing this?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Kirby,

      After you complete Phase I you’ll take a one-week transition cycle (page 99), and then move to Phase II. Feel free to email me if you would like any more details.

      Kind regards,


  13. Hello Joel,

    Really loving this program so far! Very flexible given equipment and time constraints yet still very specific – not cookie cutter at all!

    I’m just wondering a bit about the percentages given in the book (and sorry if it’s been explained and I’ve missed it): For instance should I use my Front squat 1RM for the % given on the 1/2 front squat, or should I test my 1/2 front squat to find the percentages to work at?

    Also is the % for the medball toss just a subjective guide as to how much effort to throw with?

    • Hi Alex,

      Sorry I missed this comment for so long! Glad you like the program, and I designed it largely to fit well with the athlete’s own intuition regarding the ultimate direction of their training. For the %’s in the program, I wouldn’t “max out” to test the 1/2 front squat, but simply go with the following ideal: 90% = can do 2-4 reps with this weight, hard weight. 80% = can do 5-10 reps with this weight, can still move the weight somewhat quickly, but it’s hard. 70%, can do 12-15 reps with this weight, can move it fast for a few reps. 60%, can do 20+ reps with this weight, can move it with speed, and not mentally taxing. Basically, use your best estimate in this range. The % for the med ball is a subjective guide, 97%-100% means throw as high as possible, essentially, while 80% means focus on the movement itself, rather than the outcome goal. I hope this helps you out!

      Kind regards,


  14. Hi,

    Would this programme be suitable for a soccer player looking to improve their speed and explosiveness on the pitch?
    Also is there any conditioning element to it?

    Thank you

    • Hi James,

      The workout can be great for developing linear speed and either one or two leg vertical jumping ability, as well as some components of lateral strength, although it isn’t a workout that is specific to soccer movement skills. Regardless, for a period of time, it can yield nice improvements in explosive and reactive ability that can be transferred to the pitch if you have the time frame for it. You could also add specific soccer movements into the template quite easily, replacing a volume of the sprint work with timed agility patterns. If you end up purchasing the book, contact me, and I’ll let you know how you can make the switches.

      Kind regards,


  15. Hi,
    I was wondering how many days a week the vertical Ignition program is because I have basketball skill workouts 4-5 times a week. So, I was wondering if I can implement VI workouts with my skill workouts to avoid overtraining.


    • Hi TJ,

      It depends on how extensive your basketball skill workouts are really. If they are under an hour, you can do the full program no problem, and as with the way the program is designed, you get to choose how frequently you will train. If the workouts are 1-2 hours, you can still do the program, and see good results, but utilizing it in a separate session will work best. If they workouts are longer than 2 hours, you can utilize the “in-season” ideals found in the book, or simply use a good strength program that you know works for you. Hope this helps!

      Kind regards,


  16. Hi joel! What is a good alternative exercise for depth jump to med ball toss? What I did was depth jump to kb swing and then I double the reps. Is that okay?

    • Joaquin,

      That option could work, but I think it would be best to perform it jumping backwards off the box, so that the loading of the bell can be tighter to the body. Does that make sense. The focus should be more on the loading pattern at the bottom than anything. You could also perform “hinge jumps” from the depth jump, where you would jump with a forward lean of the torso, and only a small bend in the knees, kind of like an RDL. I’ll see if I can post a video of this soon.

      Kind regards,


  17. Hey Joel! Just bought the program and I have to say it is a breath of fresh air! I love how customizable and tailored to the individual athlete it is. I also had a couple of questions. I’ve been experimenting with tri-phasic training lately and was wondering if and how I should implement this methodology into the lifts and plyos? Also, would substituting a Med. Ball Power Toss (Behind the Head) for the Vertical Med. Ball Toss work just as effectively? It is one of my favorite movements.

    Thank you so much for this amazing program!

    • Hi Solomon,

      Thanks for buying the book! You can easily implement the triphasic ideal to the lifting, although it’s tough for those higher rep squats, you can replace say a set of 15 squats with a set of 3-5 reps on the 6-0-X eccentric squat, and then with the isometric phase, a similar ideal, 3-4 reps of X-4-X instead of a set of 12-15. I would do each triphasic modality twice, before moving to the next one, so 2x eccentric squat sessions, 2x isometric squat sessions, 2x reactive squat sessions.

      If you enjoy the med ball power toss behind the head, and love it, go ahead and replace it. No program is set in stone, but rather tailored to the needs and likes of the athlete, and much of what you get out of the special exercises is their own meaningfulness to you!

      Good luck!


  18. The VI program definitely helped me reach my goals. Thats being able to dunk and run faster , just being a better athlete overall. Just after 2 phases into the prog. I was able to dunk the ball with 2 hands consistently felt springy light and fast on my feet. After years of heavy lifting thinking that was the only way to get my vert up this was a catch of fresh air for me. This book has everything you need to know about jumping/runningv and being explosive. Everything is explained perfectly exercises are displayed with pictures and how to do them correctly and mind you this is not a cookie cutter program. If you want to jump higher run faster and just be explosive overall then buy this book you wont regret it!

  19. Well I want to but it buy I am concerned a little. Can I but it for $25? I don’t know how good the program will work for me personally. Will it still give me the same information and program as someone else that pays 47? If it gives me the results I want, I can donate somewhere. But I am really confused about the baseline price and never bought a product like that.

    • Mark,

      Thanks for the question, and here’s how this works. The program is exactly the same whether you pay $25 for it, or $100 for it, but the pricing is set the way it is to allow people who might not have quite the budget to have it for cheaper. Think of it as somewhat of a “base product + a tip” if you have enjoyed the work that I’ve put out. The fact of the matter is that more expensive programs, such as those that cost $67 make people think that because they are priced so high they intrinsically have a higher value, although this isn’t necessarily the case, and I can 100% guarantee that nobody who has written those expensive programs has the combination of hands-on experience, track and field experience, online experience, writing, researching, and tinkering that brought out the Vertical Ignition program (sorry if I’m pumping my ego a bit here). Just go ahead and buy it for $25, and if you like it, tell some friends, or shoot me a testimonial after you go through it (or don’t! there is no pressure), I just want to make sure that you get a program that both educates you on the best training practices, and helps you reach your athletic goals.

      Kind regards,


  20. I bought the vertical ignition and was looking forward to sprint faster and jump broader and higher. After wave 2 I began to really feel the impact this program has on me . Unfortunately i have some competitions coming up right now and dont have the time to go through the whole program BUT I cant wait to go on because i already hit some very-near-PRs and also a 2rep-PR for deadlift 🙂
    So i absolutely recommend this for everyone who wants to get more athletic.
    About me: i’m doing some sort of track and field, powerlifting(just training, no comps) and strongman – i feel this workout shedule helping me with nearly every aspect of my training :)))))

    Thanks for writing and selling these books!

    • Simon,

      Thanks for the comment, as well as buying the book. Glad you are getting some good results so far, I appreciate you sharing them! Best of luck to you moving forward in your training.

      Kind regards,


  21. I’m looking for a beginning program for my son who is 11. Is this program adaptable for a youth that age (with some modification and supervision)?

    • Shawn,

      There is a youth program that is included with this; of which I’d say 12 is a solid age to start, but 11, the program can be very slightly modified and adaptable. I can answer any questions you might have in this regard.

      Kind regards,


      • Joel, thanks for the quick response. Doesn’t look like we will need to adapt anything since you have a youth section. We will let you know how it goes. My son loves basketball and also runs track, so it will be interesting to see his improvements not only in jumping, but also in speed over the upcoming track season.

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