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Cutting Edge Topics of Speed, Power and Performance

Have you wondered about the following crucial topics in sport and speed performance?

Will he be able to transfer an extra 20kg in the power clean into acceleration or maximal velocity? Will an extra 50kg in deep squat be beneficial to for the 100m times or will it just improve the first 10m and slow you down from that point and beyond?”  Hakan Andersson

“It’s been really interesting to circle back to do all this monitoring and what some people call sports science or research, over the past decade with these team USA athlete to show that the speed reserve works, and that strength training with phase potentiation or conjugate sequential works because the monitoring data just shows step by step how that fits in”  Brad DeWeese

The mistakes that I see are really the same as those that I’ve made myself. Maybe other coaches can learn from this and not make these mistakes again: Excessive volume. Many Strength Coaches are beginning to realize that we have, in general, been doing too much. Erring on the side of a little less seems to be working very well in most or all situations. Focusing on improving exercises rather than performance.  We have to remember that the exercises we’re using are a means to an end and we need to keep our eyes on improving performance in competition.” Matt Thome

These are huge ideas to improve the process of training athletes.  Are you looking to reach the next level of knowledge in?

  • Sprint and speed training
  • Sequential periodization models
  • Jump training and monitoring
  • Optimal 1×20 concepts
  • And much more

2017 Central Virginia Sport Performance Seminar


Then you will likely be interested in the 2017 Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar.  It looks to be an incredible source of athletic performance knowledge, particularly for the many readers of Just Fly Sports who are seeking the cutting edge in many of the topics that we frequently post about, and that are changing the way we are viewing sports performance training.  This may be the best group of speakers assembled in regards to the topics of speed, strength and power.

This year at the Seminar, the following speakers will be presenting:

  • Successful Swedish sprint coach, Hakan Andersson
  • Brad DeWeese, ETSU Team USA performance coach and professor.
  • Matt Thome, Michigan Tech S&C (JFS 1×20 Roundtable)
  • Bryan Mann, Missouri (JFS Podcast EP 42)
  • Brett Bartholomew, Bartholomew Strength and “Conscious Coaching” author
  • Keenan Robinson, High Performance at USA Swimming (JFS Podcast 18)
  • Doug McKenney, Coach Me Plus

I’ve been to two of the CVASP seminars, and they are the best in the business, always featuring world class speakers.  By following the link below, you can see the live stream of every speaker, at 10% off the normal price!  If you want to up your coaching and training game, then follow the link below:


Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to learn the greatest speed, strength, power and coaching ideals of modern sport performance!


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