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5 Workout Ideals for Epic Explosive Power

5 Training Ideals

If you are working out in the exact same format that you were five years ago, it is doubtful that you are making much progress in your speed and explosive power. In order to make training gains, the following is necessary: Train specifically Do more ...

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Three Epic Duels of Jump History

Epic Jump Duels

Usually, the articles on Just Fly Sports are devoted to training means and methods to improve an athlete’s speed, strength and power.  This post is simply here to draw your attention to the beauty of human achievement, and competition, in three of the greatest displays ...

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Interview with Ron McKeefery on Being a CEO Strength Coach

Care about the athletes

There is a giant gap in the field of strength and conditioning/athletic performance coaching.  The role of a modern strength and conditioning coach may feature one of the biggest divides between what is read in books and taught in an “exercise science” degree, and learned ...

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