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Top 5 Plyometric Exercises for Single Leg Jumpers

Single Leg Plyometrics

Jump training is a beautiful thing. Why? Because you get so much more out of it than simply the ability to jump higher. Take training for the one and two leg jumps for example: Training for the Two Leg Jump also improves: Relative and Absolute ...

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25 Vertical Jump Commandments: Revised and Expanded

25 vertical jump commandments

Want to jump higher, run faster, and get more powerful?  You’ve come to the right place today. Every now and then, even the best rules and guidelines are up for revision.  Over the last few years, I’ve given my “commandments” on vertical jump training.  If ...

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What Everyone Really Needs to Know About Periodization

Sprint Periodization

I’ve stopped reading books on periodization in the last year or so.  It’s not because the system, or term is useless (quite the contrary), but rather, because ideas on the topic are often more fit for a 200 level course than advanced mastery.   Why? Because ...

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The Toughest Circuit You’ve Never Tried

Tough Tuesday

By Scott Thom It’s a cool 80 degrees outside, the players are all gathered around at the base of a grassy hill, there is a cone with a picture of each mascot from our upcoming seasons schedule, “ok this is what we have, you’re going ...

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