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Crawling, Carrying, and Coordination by Roger Nelsen Jr.

Crawling, Carrying, and Coordination

One of the primary determinants of strength expression, especially in complex movements, is inter-muscular coordination: the ability of the muscles to contract in measured harmony to create a desired motion pattern. The more complicated the movement in terms of joints crossed, muscles utilized, modes of …

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5 General Training Movements all Athletes Should Do

Ground based coordination

Specific work is the most important training component for athletes, but a program without the correct general elements will be doomed to eventually fail. In order to reach one’s highest level of performance, you must be functioning well, as a unit.  As coaching great Dan …

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5 Workout Ideals for Epic Explosive Power

5 Training Ideals

If you are working out in the exact same format that you were five years ago, it is doubtful that you are making much progress in your speed and explosive power. In order to make training gains, the following is necessary: Train specifically Do more …

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