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Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode #13: Jeff Moyer

Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode 13: Jeff Moyer

This week’s guest is Jeff Moyer, owner of Dynamic Correspondence (DC) Sports Training in Pittsburgh area, Pennsylvania.  Jeff is a relentless learner with great knowledge in a variety of training methods. Jeff has experience with some relatively new, but very …

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Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode #11: Carl Valle

Just Fly Performance Podcast 11: Carl Valle

This week’s guest is Carl Valle of Carl is, amongst other sprint and hurdle coaching talents, a speed technology expert.  A current trend in athletic performance is jump testing, both as a means of assessing physical progression over the …

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Triple Jumping and Dunking: The Perfect Combination

Triple Jump and Dunking

The best way to improve performance in one’s sport is many times, not exercises, but playing another sport with highly transferable qualities. Exercise is exercise, but sport is competitive, dynamic, and full-throttle. Ultimately, most of the things athletes to do …

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Just Fly Performance Podcast Episode #9: Ryan Banta

Just Fly Performance Podcast 9

This week’s guest is sprint coach Ryan Banta.  Ryan is the author of the upcoming “Sprinter’s Compendium”, which at its completion will be the most exhaustive resource to date on speed training.  Ryan is also a highly successful high school …

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